Giant Days #48

Written & Illustrated by: John Allison
Colors by: Whitney Cogar
Letters by: Jim Campbell

Esther, Daisy and Susan have all been invited to the McGraw wedding. Frank McGraw, Graham’s older brother, is getting married to a cousin of the Shaw family. Readers may remember the Shaws as the producers of some of Susan’s worst enemies. What I enjoy about all of this is that Northampton is portrayed as somehow being the type of city that really shapes a person, some kind of gangland full of gruff cutthroat characters. Northampton doesn’t often get this treatment.

My favourite part of this issue is seeing the wedding outfits our main characters have chosen. Esther, unsurprisingly, has managed to transform into Elvira for this wedding, looking ever so formal and yet also entirely goth and slightly too revealing. Daisy is wearing a suit I wish I could buy myself, it is a brilliant androgynous number with a great pattern. And Susan has clearly found the one dress and boots that are dressy to her, but slightly underdressed compared to everyone else.

Max Sarin has been illustrating Giant Days for so many issues now, that it took me aback to see Giant Days back in its original drawing style by creator and writer Allison. It’s much to Sarin’s credit that somehow I have taken his drawing style as the ‘official’ Giant Days art, when obviously Allison’s preceded it and was the illustrator when I first came to read Giant Days. The character design in this issue combines Allison’s original art with Sarin’s updated character designs, with excellent color work as always by Whitney Cogar using the typical pastels of Giant Days.


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