Batman #66 Review

Written by Tom King
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Fornes
Colored by Dave Stewart

With this week’s Batman #66 “Knightmares” part 4 we see a return of series writer Tom King and the return to the “Knightmare” story arc we last left off on during Batman #63. In that issue we saw Batman trapped inside a series of nightmares brought on by the effects of Scarecrow’s fear gas.

So far during the “Knightmare” story arc we’ve seen Batman attacked in the Batcave and then kidnapped by what seems to be Flashpoint Thomas Wayne Batman as a part of a long going plot to break the bat by a group of Batman’s greatest foes. Now after the events of the Batman and Flash crossover event “The Price”, we return to the “Knightmare” part 4.

This issue plays out as what seems like an old school detective private investigator type of story as we see Vic Sage aka The Question interviewing Selina Kyle, asking her about why she really left Batman and asking for her help as he claims he’s here to help Batman escape his nightmares, but he needs to know why she truly decided to walk away.

The two of them talk about many things, from the time Bruce and Selina met, to the time Catwoman and Batman worked together to take down Two-Face. After talking for a while, Selina tells The Question how she really feels about Bruce, about Batman. She tells him how all Bruce is, is a simple vow to “war on crime”. She tells him that if he was anything else then Bruce couldn’t be Batman, and that’s why she left Bruce at the altar or rooftop as it was.

The most impactful moment in this issue was when The Question calls out Selina by telling her that if the reason she gave Bruce as to why she left is her true reason, to make Bruce stronger, so he could be a better superhero, then why is he so lost, so broken without her? Why is he trapped in his own nightmares? Why is he weak? I personally loved this moment because it’s the truth, and it needed to be said. We as fans have been wondering what her true reason was since issue #50, and I’m really glad to see we’re finally exploring this question.

Ultimately I thought this was an interesting angle to explore in the ongoing saga of the Bat-Cat relationship that’s been ongoing throughout Tom King’s entire Batman Rebirth run. I enjoyed the old timey PI type of storytelling with the well written back and forth between Vic Sage and Selina Kyle. I think using The Question as a guest star in this issue was a very smart move as there’s still so many questions left unanswered here and even Selina’s answer at the end only brings up more questions

I give Batman #66 a 7 out of 10