Adventures of the Super Sons #8

Peter J. Tomasi, writer
Carlo Barberi, pencils
Matt Santorelli, inks
Protobunker, colors
Rob Leigh, letters

Previously in Super Sons, Jonathan and Damian are captured and brought to a prison planet named Takron Galtos. Robin elicits some help from a Green Lantern in training, Al-X, to free Super boy from the solar-sealed cage in which he was kept. In this issue, Robin and Super boy pursue their plan to escape the prison. However, Joker Jr. warns them that escape is the least of their worries given the plans Rex Luther has to conquer the universe. Meanwhile, Rex gathers an army of inmates he manipulates to follow him on his conquest.

I was entertained by Robin’s imitation of his father in his level of preparedness and focus. For example, he previously created 6 bases scattered throughout the planet. However, as interesting as Robin is Jonathan seemed uncharacteristically distrustful at Joker Jr. and questions Robin’s logic including him in their escape plan. Jonathan is the consummate positive thinker like his father and this felt out of character. The incongruence of Jonathan’s behavior built on the feeling I had that this book was a filler for the next issue.

The highlight of the art continues to be the rendition of both heroes: Super boy, due to his wild, anime-like hair, and Robin for his focused and serious facial expressions and body posture. However, the rest of the art was fine; it didn’t stand out or hurt the book. The rendition of Rex’s armor is boring. I’m not a fan of the green they used and the structure of the armor is not particularly unique or cool.

Overall = 7/10

Final Impressions

There was a time when Super Sons was a must read and the highlight of my stack. However, the current story arc does not grab my attention.  There has been no growth in either Robin’s or Super boy’s characters, and they consistently get muddled in dilemmas that feel unimportant. Having said that, if you are a fan of these characters pick up the book because they still feel like the Super Sons that we have grown to love.