Ronin Island #1

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Giannis Milonogiannis
Colors by Irma Kniivila
Letters by Simon Bowland

In a classic coming of age story, Ronin Island hits all the the right notes for the beginning of an adventure story, but rushes the villain with no real conclusion what is going on.

The unfortunate downside to this book: as I was reading, Ronin Island gave me the same vibes as the beginning of the tv series, Avatar the Last Airbender. I was really enjoying the trail the two protagonists had to endure. I unfortunately lost interest when General Sato showed up. He arrives wanting to take over the island, but doing so in order to protect it from an oncoming threat. This threat is shown at the end, but just felt rushed. With how this book started, the story should have focused more on the protagonists. Rushing into an invasion with no character development does not bring interest in the characters.

The art quality in relation to the story was okay. I’m not familiar with Giannis’ prior work. It was very clean and smooth in the first few pages, but decreased in quality throughout the issue. I very much appreciated the sound effects in this issue, they were very playful and did bring the story to life a little more.

There’s not much more to say about this issue unfortunately. In my final thoughts I only hope Greg Pak will take a step back and focus a little more on developing these two characters on what I assume will be some sort of journey so that we may care a bit more on what may happen to the Island they love so much.


You can purchase your copy of Ronin Island #1 at your local comic book shop or at the Boom! Studios website.