Old Lady Harley #5 Review

Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Eva de la Cruz
Letters: Dave Sharpe

Spoilers ahead!

We’ve finally reached the end of one of the most enjoyable mainstream comic arcs in recent memory. Harley Quinn faces off against the Joker, but it’s not what she initially thought.

Everyone assumed the Joker had been dead for many years, and it turns out they were right. Joker is dead and buried. The “Joker” we have seen throughout the series is actually Harley Quinn’s son, whom she gave up for adoption many years ago. He took on the persona of Joker to get back at his mom, even going so far as to horribly disfigure his face so that he looked less like Harley. It’s a great twist that adds so much to the story. It’s great to see such an arc actually have an emotional ending rather than end on a drawn-out fight.

But don’t worry. There’s still plenty of fighting and mayhem. There’s even the most bat-s*** insane thing to come out of this whole series, and that’s really saying something. Joker’s crews of Laughing Boys wreak havoc around the world. It becomes too much for Batman to handle, so he unleashes a monster he must have put together on a rainy day. The Batcave turns into a f***ing robot: Batcavatron. This robot descends upon Atlantis to get Joker, but Harley and the gang hightail it out of there, so her son can be safe.

There’s no other way to say it. This was a fantastic arc. Everything that happened in the previous issues plays a role in this one, which leads to a satisfying conclusion. I only wish there was more to this world, and fortunately, it looks like my prayers will be answered. It ends on a pretty great cliffhanger that suggests we have not seen the last of Old Lady Harley.

Overall Score: 10/10