Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2

Written by: Jordie Bellaire
Art by: Dan Mora
Colors by: Raúl Angulo
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire

This Buffy reboot feels a little bit like those moments in sitcoms where the audience cheers loudly when their favourite characters enter the set for the first time in that episode. I find myself inwardly cheering each time the comic introduces our old favourites again. And this issue is full of those moments!

Buffy #2 reassures me that this reboot is in good hands. It manages to swirl together some iconic Buffy moments – such as Buffy and Giles in the library – and repurpose them for a modern age. Willow is clearly still Willow, in all the ways she responds to things. But in these comics she is much closer to the wiccan of later seasons of the show, than the insecure quiet teenager of the high school days. Which makes sense given the fact that in 2019 Willow would’ve had more freedom and opportunity to explore who she is than 1997’s Willow.

I’m taking a short interlude here to cheer on the first appearance of Spike, who appears fairly unchanged, bar a slightly more updated look (good for you Spike, it’s hard keeping fashionable when you’re several centuries old). In a perfectly creepy way we meet Spike in the forest in a scene reminiscent of Stephen King’s ‘It’.  Having a forest so close to Sunnydale High seems like a great choice, providing all the demons of the hellmouth a perfect place to lurk.

Bellaire and Mora work together perfectly, showing how art and text can come together to tell several different stories at the same time. By weaving a motif through the comic that ends with one characters, but applies to so many, all the different characters, it’s almost like a ribbon is tying all the characters together.

Special mention to Raúl Angulo whose color work at the beginning and end scenes of this comic is brilliantly done. Managing to use two different palettes of red at the start and end scenes, it ties the comic together in themes, but still differentiates between dreams and reality.

Looking forward to the next issue already!


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