Wild Storm #20 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils and Inks by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Steve Buccellato

In February 2017 I had never read a single speech bubble of The Authority, Stormwatch, or WildC.A.T.s. I think I’d read Transmetropolitan Volume 1, and I know I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing Jon Davis-Hunt’s artwork before. When DC released Wild Storm #1 I went in with a clear and open mind. Now, two years later, I can report I have liked few series this consistently or been this fascinated by the utterly brilliant reinvention of decades old characters. Month in and month out, Warren Ellis and Davis-Hunt deliver high art, great entertainment, and thought provoking fun.

The phrase “slow burn” is one I and many others have used to describe Wild Storm, but now, with #20, the burn ignites into an aggressive roaring blaze. This is largely because of the art and panel layouts. Apollo and Midnighter have their big blow ‘em up, kill, kill, kill scenes in this issue. Violent, yes, but beautiful to look at. The pages are mostly wordless and reminiscent of Ellis’ Moon Knight run in their design. The art is pure Davis-Hunt though. It is wonderfully creative and with every other issue offering a new look, I simply do not know how he does it.

Plot wise this issue does not have the info dump feel of #19. The major players continue to build to all out planetary destruction. Miles Craven of IO opens this issue with hilariously evil corporate talk, one with murderous intent of course. This chapter is not about much other than showing off the powers of Apollo and Midnighter, and for this alone I recommend this comic. Really one could pick up #19 and #20 and be able to enjoy the conclusion of this run. I do not think the richness of the story would be appreciated this way however… just a passing thought.

Wild Storm #20 is plain fun and fantastic. The reintroduction of Midnighter and Apollo is perfection in Big Two comic booking form. I cannot recommend this title enough. As we hurdle towards the conclusion of this title and the inevitable return of The Authority. Buckle up readers, the bombast is going to make ye heads spin & mind’s race.