Batman #65 Review

Written by Joshua Williamson
Pencils and Inks by Guillem March
Colored by Tomeu Morey

Batman #65 serves as part three of the four issue Batman and Flash crossover event titled “The Price” that has been ongoing in both characters current series. In the last issue of The Flash we found out more about Gotham Girl and her motivations. She’s desperately trying to bring her brother Gotham back to life so the two can once again be heroes in their own minds. Gotham Girl aims to do this by testing on clones of her brother hank, using test tubes filled with a serum that is based from Bane’s Venom drug. This is also seemingly where Gotham Girl and Gotham received their powers to begin with as well.

This issue picks up right were the last issue of The Flash left off: inside of Gotham Girl’s lab we’re Batman and Flash are both being attacked by several clones of Gotham and Gotham Girl. Although the clones are deformed they still possess the same level of powers and skill sets that their originals have, but as Batman points out that’s also their weakness. Just like the originals if the clones use their powers too much they burn out and die and after a bit of arguing that’s how our heroes stop the clones.

Throughout this series we have touched on and lightly gone over and tied into several key events that have been ongoing in both Batman and The Flash comics, and it’s very great to see just how much knowledge and understanding writer Joshua Williamson has of both Heroes in Crisis and Batman’s current run. This series does such an awesome job connecting several stories together, and it’s even better too when considering that Williamson isn’t the writer of those stories, as Batman and Heroes in Crisis are both written by Tom King. Williamson normally writes Flash and Justice League Odyssey.

My favorite parts of this issue happen in 3 different moments. First we see Gotham Girl retelling and rewriting her own origin story, and I found it interesting learning a bit more about how she views herself in her current warped state of mind. The second moment happens after Gotham returns back to life to fight the Flash where we once again see Gotham burn out his powers which causes energy to over surge through his body. Suddenly before he burns out, Hank seemingly regains a clear state of mind, and he cries out to his sister, telling her that last time he was in a happy place but this time as he fades away he tells Claire that he’s scared and that he didn’t want this. This moment was pretty emotional and interesting to see if we learn more about what Gotham meant by that.

The third moment happens at the end of the book where we see Batman trying to explain to Claire the difference between wanting to be a hero and actually living this life. Batman tells her that he wasn’t there for her and that he’s sorry he hurt her, but it’s not too late to fix things. I enjoyed this moment because Batman felt weak and vulnerable here. He was trying to redeem his mistake, but as you will see when read the ending, every mistake has a price.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good middle chapter that mostly served as a battle between those involved and not just the physical battle that was beautifully drawn on the pages. In this issue we saw the battle for Gotham Girl’s sanity play out, and we saw Batman’s battle to overcome his guilt and accept his blame in all of this. We also see our heroes conflict against each other as the two air out their grievances that have long been building up. With the next issue serving as the finale, I for one am excited to see if Batman and Flash are able to pay the price for what’s gonna happen next.

I give Batman #65 an 8 out of 10