Naomi #2 Questions & Nightmares

Written by Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Art by Jamal Campbell
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

Naomi may not be the best investigator, but she will have answers one way or the other.

Bendis and Walker continue to write an excellent introduction to a new character. In a time when most fans are debating about older characters and their stories veering too far into the unknown, this creative team jumped to the next best thing. Creating a brand new character from scratch, or so it may seem so far. As of right now, no other character is highly involved in Naomi’s life or backstory. She may be obsessed with Superman, but he’s only appeared twice, and both times were not in direct contact with Naomi.

This issue has no gap between itself and issue number one, starting exactly where we left off with Naomi and Dee the mechanic. With this book being monthly, I’m sure it will be the formula for the issues to come, only as a way to help readers remember what is going on without telling too much backstory of prior issues. This issue really narrows in on Naomi’s frustration and how she is beginning to lose sight of who she is and what might her identity be. This is magnificent while Naomi is eating dinner with her adoptive parents. It was awesome to see each panel of her parents slowly moving away from Naomi, isolating her.

Dee quickly comes back into the picture due to the fact that he was unwilling to share anything with Naomi when she asked the first time. It is implied that Dee may know something about Naomi’s biological mother, but he’s not quite ready to share anything he knows. Naomi having little patience for the person that literally ran away from her earlier is unaccepting of Dee’s request. She is ready for answers but is she ready for the truth?


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