The Batman Who Laughs #3 Review

Written by Scott Snyder
Pencils and Inks by Jock
Colored by David Baron

During the pages of The Batman Who Laughs #3 we see and deal with a Batman who has been pushed to the edge in his quest to stop his greatest foe, himself. During the events of this mini series we have seen the Batman Who Laughs come in and take over Gotham City with the help of another twisted Knightmare Batman known as The Grim Knight. Together the two have managed to destroy Batman’s last laugh protocol: a system of waterways Batman uses as a last resort to help rid the city of any and all toxins that threaten to infect and corrupt the city.

These happenings, along with Batman being infected by The Batman Who Laughs Joker Toxin, have pushed our hero into looking for help in dark corners. Batman and Jim Gordon seek out the help of Gordon’s former murderous son James Jr. They hope that James can tap into his previous murder genius persona and help pinpoint what plan The Batman Who Laughs wishes to orchestrate and how best to stop him. But when the Grim Knight shows up and Batman starts to give into the Joker toxin, we see that all bets are off.

The artwork in this issue definitely matches the dark and bloody tone that this story is telling, and you can really see and feel the madness that’s trying to overtake Bruce’s mind when you look into his eyes that are filled with rage. You fully see the physical effects the toxin is having on Bruce’s body as he’s slowly becoming the same villainous version of himself that he aims to stop in this series. The artwork is complex and well detailed when it needs to be, but it definitely uses a lot of darkness and shadow effects to help sell the tone of the series. There’s plenty of blood flow and explosions that serve as the cherry on top to help give the story an extra level of violence which makes this two Knightmare Batman ordeal feel threatening to the future of the dark knight.

Overall I feel like with this series we’ve walked inside of the dark and gloomy walls of Bruce Wayne’s mind and opened a door into his true fears and nightmares. This book gives us a look into how Bruce would deal with facing his greatest threat: seeing himself be swallowed by his demons and allow his evil desires to twist and take over his mind turning him into the very foe he’s trying to defeat. I’m loving every minute of this journey as it shows us the only man who can beat Batman, is The Batman Who Laughs.

Writer Scott Snyder has once again delivered to us fans another truly great and memorable Batman story, and after seeing this book’s twist ending, I can only imagine what madness we’ll witness in the next chapter. I’m so looking forward to seeing that hahahahaha.

I give The Batman Who Laughs a 8 out of 10