Hawkman #9: Deathbringers Attack

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Bryan Hitch
Inks by Hitch & Andrew Currie
Colors by Jeremiah Skipper
Letters by Starkings & Comicraft

The end is near and Carter has run out of options. Robert Venditti has written a great run so far with this incredible return of Hawkman, but as I said before, it may be too good to be true when it comes to having this title as an ongoing series. Unlike most comic book arcs, Venditti’s Deathbringer story seems to be a conclusion to not only this arc, but the book as a whole. At this point though I wouldn’t necessarily see it as a bad thing. Start strong finish strong. Venditti’s new origin for Carter brought new life to the Hawkman character, and ultimately I believe brought Hawkman back into the limelight.

I say all this because of Venditti’s writing style in this issue. Carter is frantic, he doesn’t really know how to prepare, and is going off of one small experience (from last issue) to possibly have a conversation with all of his past selves all at once. Grasping at straws, but I think I would too if an army of giant death machines were at my doorstep. Xanadu also makes a surprise return since the first issue, in my experience of reading comics that usually means the character is about to die, or the series is making its rounds before the book ends.

When the first inkling of news came out about Hawkman getting another volume this past year, I was skeptical because of the art team, Bryan Hitch has proven that I should keep my mouth shut on most of my predictions. He and his art team throughout the past nine issues have done an amazing job. Hitch’s use of lighting while characters are in mid-air is amazing. The color pallet Skipper used in the invasion scenes near the street level were great with a simple background but making else pop when needed.

The issue ends with Carter on his knees, forced there by Idamm, his old ally when he was the leader of the Deathbringers. As he looks defeated as he watches the city of London be put in ruin, of course we see the predictable rise of the hero. But Venditti does such a great job making you second guess what will truly happen. With all the craziness that has taken place thus far, how could he not throw in a curve ball right at the last second? Last few issues or not, Venditti has made me a Hawkman fan, quite possibly for life.


You can find your copy of Hawkman #9 at your local comic book shop or online at the DC Comics website.