Giant Days #47

Written by: John Allison
Art by: Max Sarin
Colors by:  Whitney Cogar
Letters by: Jim Campbell

Daisy has been learning how to drive In the background of the last few issues of Giant Days. This month we finally find out the extent of the havoc she has wreaked. Daisy’s experience with driving lessons reminds me a bit of my own. It wasn’t until after I had passed my exam (a year and 5 tests after starting) that I informed my instructor that I have no depth perception. Daisy, likewise, does not admit defeat and is endlessly optimistic about her progress.

Esther has a new secret roommate in the form of a small furry dog named Perkin, owned by universally despised Dean Thompson. Dean enlists Esther in looking after his secret emotional support dog, a move in exact opposition to the desired outcome of having an emotional support dog. Of course Esther loves this little fluffy creature and is all too glad to help Dean out. And who wouldn’t? If a dog is adorable enough it can make even the worst of enemies call a truce.

Meanwhile Susan and McGraw have an unexpected visitor; McGraw’s brother Frank. Frank is getting married and would like to spend some time with his brother before he does so. Frank mainly seems interested in covering household objects in sandwich spreads, a prank I had never heard of but find inexplicably unnerving. Have you ever tried to get honey off anything? It’s impossible.

Giant Days runs slightly out of sync with the calendar, meaning our characters are entering Spring time. It may be because it is snowing outside as I write this, but seeing Esther, Daisy and Susan outside in an English park in light jackets just made me feel so happy. All of the colours of this month’s issue bring to mind Easter and saplings springing from the ground. Even Esther’s trademark black seems a little bit brighter. Winter may be all around us, but the positivity of Giant Days 47 briefly took away my winter blues.


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