Adventures of the Super-sons #7

Peter J. Tomasi, writer
Carlo Barberi, pencils
Matt Santorelli, inks
Protobunker, colors
Rob Leigh, letters

Previously in Super-sons, Robin and Superboy are captured by Tommy Tomorrow and taken to a planet for juvenile offenders called Takron Galtos along with Rex and his kid-villains. The issue begins, Jonathan is put in solitary confinement and sheltered from the sun so that his powers diminish. Meanwhile, Robin and Joker Jr. work together to locate Jonathan. Rex builds his own kid-army and captures Joker Jr. in the process. However, Robin is a force to be reckoned with and interrupts their plans as he makes his way to Jonathan’s solitary cell.

Damian, who utilizes tactical thinking, expert fighting, and his skill in forming alliances to rescue Jonathan steals the show. His motivation is to save his best friend. There are a number of intriguing child-iterations of adult characters in this story. One is Al-X, a child Green Lantern in training who helps Damian during his investigation. Another interesting character is Gizmo, who builds an impressive looking Lex-Bott, which is a robot built with Lex Luthor technology provided by Res. Robin defeats the robot; however, Gizmo provides Robin with a lead to find Superboy so that Robin can defeat Rex. Damian is in his element working in isolation because he’s decisive, cunning, and focused. Saving Jonathan becomes the focal point with the secondary goal of defeating Rex and then escaping the prison-planet.

The art supports the storyline beautifully. For example, Jonathan is pictured in isolation shielded from exposure to the son with one eye picture and a circular yellow, fire-colored ring. The image is cryptic, but it becomes clear what the Superboy must overcome to escape his own personal prison. In addition, the depiction of the Lex-bot is another key element of the art with its granular approach showing specific details in the design. Finally, the depiction of Robin with his cape flowing when he jumps, creating shadows when he needs cover, will remind readers of Batman and really cool.

Overall = 9/10

Final Impressions

This story is starting to hit its stride as Damian’s skill as a trained assassin takes center stage. Jonathan finds the courage and strength to aid in his own rescue, but it’s Robin’s quick thinking that sets them up for their confrontation with Rex and attempted escape from Takron Galtos. I highly recommend this book to fans of DC comics and the Super-Sons!