The Flash Annual #2 Review

Joshua Williamson, writer
Scott Kolins, art
Luis Guerrero, colors
Wes Abbott, letters

This issue re-introduces a beloved character, Bart Allen, a.k.a. Impulse. The issue transitions to Barry Allen holding Wally’s body after the events shown in Heroes in Crisis issue #1 from last year. He recalls the memories they had together and feels confused as to how this happened. Barry goes to the place where he finds answers, The Speed Force, which helps him clear his head. He has an encounter with another speedster, Godspeed, who has returned with a gauntlet which helps him optimize his connection to The Speed Force. They battle, which leads to a re-introduction of Meena, Avery, and Wallace – a.k.a. Kid Flash. The four continue the battle with Godspeed who wins easily until Impulse arrives. Somehow, Impulse mops the floor with Godspeed who is called away by another character before Impulse can finish him off.

This is an amazing issue because it connects the events in the main Flash book with the events in Heroes in Crisis, which makes both stories feel more relevant. Barry’s recollection of Wally’s desire to go to Sanctuary so he can get help and be safe strikes a resounding chord for Barry – he went to be safe and instead he died. Pulling Meena, Avery, and Kid Flash back was also very well played as they tapped into the previous story arc involving Gorilla Grodd and rekindled the connection between the members of The Flash family. Kid Flash tells us why he’s been gone and how things have been going, which leads to another emotional beat. The Flash neglected to tell Iris that Wally was dead! This leads to an intensely emotional scene at the end of the book.

The art in this issue is gorgeous. Specifically, the scene that shows The Flash holding Wally by the farmhouse, in the golden field, at The Sanctuary was haunting and beautiful. And, the final panel showing Barry holding a heart-broken Iris who’s wailing and full of rage at the loss of her family is compelling and convincing visually because of the level of detailed facial work and the details in the surrounding room. Another thing the art has going for it is the number of speedsters and the lightning flashing around them due to their connection to The Speed Force, which is appealing. The pictures of energy sparkling somehow translate the emotional energy of the issue in a kinetic way.

Overall = 10/10

Final Impressions

Joshua Williamson is striking on all 8 cylinders in this book that works as a story while adding incredible depth to the characters. This story fills in gaps created by the events of Heroes in Crisis while pushing a new threat to the forefront, one which The Flash will fight throughout 2019! I highly recommend this book to the fans of DC and The Flash.