The Flash #63 Review

Joshua Williamson, writer
Minkyu Jung, art
HiFi, colors
Steve Wands, letters

In the previous issue, The Flash teams up with Psyche, who has a connection to The Sage Force and can read minds and manipulate people. However, Psyche double-crosses him, which leads to The Flash getting blind-sided by Gemini, the duo who is on a Force quest of their own looking to gain possession of The Forces. In this issue, Gemini-members Santiago and Belladonna appear to gain control of The Speed Force and The Sage Force. Iris comes to the rescue giving The Flash the opening he needed to employ Psyche and fight off Gemini. The Flash returns Iris safely to Central City then goes back to Gorilla City where he learns a secret about the compatibility of The Speed, Sage, Still, and Strength Forces. He also learns that Hunter Zolomon is on a Force Quest of his own, which could threaten Barry’s connection to The Speed Force!

This was a highly entertaining issue because it tapped into so much of what I love about The Flash’s character, his closest relationship, and his history with The Speed Force. Barry feels guilty because throughout The Force Quest he’s been ignoring what he knows about The Speed Force, which has put others in harm’s way and made him ineffective. However, Iris has taken a prominent role coming to his rescue which has made her role feel more relevant than ever. The mystery surrounding the battle that previously occurred between The Speed Force and the other Forces was very interesting (vague) especially considering the potential impact it had on the multiverse. Adding to the anticipation is the idea that Hunter Zolomon is out there looking for a way to gain control of all The Forces!

The art has an old-school-looking cartoony appearance with modern attention to emotional expressions and musculature. A scene that comes to mind is the confrontation between Gemini and The Flash where he utilizes his rotating arms to create a wind-swirl that frees them of Gemini’s grasp. The clean pencil-work makes the figures appear well-formed and modern while the swirling wind created by The Flash appears like a scene out of a 1960’s cartoon. The overall visual aesthetic is very appealing. Another scene comes to mind toward the end of the issue where a full-spread shows The Flash and Psyche facing each other with blue outlined figures in between. The colors are gorgeous and the tension between the two characters can be felt.

Overall 9.5/10

Final Impressions

This is a highly entertaining and beautifully constructed issue that leads to a huge cliffhanger. What connection is there between The Force Quest, Hunter Zolomon, and other happenings in the DC Universe? I’m not sure, but this issue teases an impending conflict between The Force Wielders that could rattle the foundations of The Multiverse itself! I Highly recommend that fans of DC and The Flash grab this book and the previous issues in The Force Quest to stay up to date.