Hex Wives 4 Review

Written by:  Ben Blacker
Art by: Mirka Andolfo
Colors by: Marissa Louise
Letters by: Josh Reed

Just as I was starting to feel really icky about the pacified women of the Hex Wives cul-de-sac, issue 4 snips a cat in two and releases some witch power. This is probably the first time I’ve cheered for a murdered cat (please don’t put me on any registers, it makes sense within the comic, honest). Blood is the vessel through which this witch coven regains their powers, so any blood spilled is a step closer to their freedom.

The art in this issue really carries a lot of the storytelling. Great color work by Marissa Louise contrasts the tone between the bright and airy life of the cul-de-sac, the masculine sterility of the witch hunters’ office and the mysterious and magical settings of the witches. I love the use of pinks and reds to indicate where witch power is present.

This issue also answers a big question as to which decade the comic is taking place.  The casual way in which the reader is confronted with the time period adds a whole new menacing layer to the Hex Wives predicament. The whole scene is elegantly written by Ben Blacker.

Although the art really pushes this issue, the writing seems to effortlessly weave together the lore of Hex Wives and the ongoing story. Only 4 issues in, there are still questions unanswered, but none which prevent enjoying the comic and understanding the implications of the events that unfold. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of these witches regaining their powers, and hopefully the reduction of the witch hunters control.


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