Heroes in Crisis #5 Review

Written by Tom King
Pencils and Inks by Clay Mann
Colored by Tomeu Morey

As Booster Gold searches for answers about the Sanctuary killings with his best friend Blue Beetle, Harley Quinn and Batgirl search for Booster Gold to confront him about what he knows. All the while the Justice League reveals their biggest fears and weaknesses to the public in this revealing issue of Heroes in Crisis #5.

As the issue begins we are given the pretty standard storytelling style that we’ve seen so far in Heroes in Crisis, in the form of the nine panel video confession tapes of various heroes and patients who were at the Sanctuary treatment center, all talking about why they’re there. We then start to follow through this story following three plot lines, Booster Gold comes up with what has to be the dumbest plan in the world, but we learn that sometimes when you’re dealing with smart people, the dumbest plan may just be the best.

In the second plot line we follow Batgirl as she has teamed up with Harley Quinn and the two are willing to do anything to find and confront Booster, even if that means lying to people who trust her.

The third and final plot line focuses on Superman as we see him writing a speech with his wife Lois. A speech that will forever change the way the world sees the superhero community. A speech that once delivered will show the world that our heroes face fears and doubts just like the rest of us and how they face trauma that leaves its scars and at times breaks our heroes to the point where even they need saving.

Once again artist Clay Mann has delivered on another wonderful issue with the same high quality artistry that we’ve come to expect from him on this series. His Harley Quinn in this issue is a big standout for me as I found it pretty cool seeing the Rebirth / New 52 Harley with the blue and pink tipped hair wearing her classic red and black harlequin suit from Batman the animated series. I feel like Clay Mann’s strong suit here is his understanding of each character and how well he draws them all. Looking at his versions of the characters makes me feel like this should be the standard artists look at to see how these heroes should look.

Overall I think this book delivered big time, but mostly all at the end as a major plot element has been revealed which will make us question the current way we look at this mystery. It adds a ripple that many have hoped for and opens up a doorway that is filled with so much hope but also so many more questions about what this means. The artwork was once again high quality and what we’ve come to expect from this series. My favorite piece of art being one of the opening panels of Booster and Blue Beetle hanging out eating pizza, while on the walls things subtly spell out the word heroes. It was fun and pretty clever. I feel like Tom King did a great job in getting the point across about what his major point of this story is, which is to show the world that even heroes suffer, even the strongest people can have the weakest moments, that none of us, no matter how powerful are impervious to the mental scars that this world can leave on us, and how we all deal with that pain in our own ways.

I give Heroes in Crisis #5 a 8 out of 10