Skyward #10 Review: The low blows keep coming

Written by Joe Henderson
Art by Lee Garbett
Colors by Antonio Fabela
Letters by Simon Bowland

As I read Skyward this week, I noticed comics just weren’t the same last month without Skyward. Seeing Willa, Edison, and even the psycho paths like Lucas and Roger got me excited about this book all over again.

I’m going to take a little time to just love on Lee Garbett and Antonio Fabela in this issue. Throughout the entire book until you actually see that it is dark outside, Garbett and Fabela worked great together getting it across that something menacing and dark was happening throughout the issue. The hard shading on each character and use of darker colors around them really popped out at me through this issue.

Henderson has clearly had someone in his life take some low blows at his personal life, Roger and Lucas made some very rude and evil comments in this issue, all attacking individuals personally. Roger’s first comment was in favor of our heroes in the attempt to escape the farm. Edison’s was just uncalled for, it even made me hurt a little. Lucas saying he had the upper hand because he had a weapon Edison doesn’t “legs”. Ouch. Like I said, uncalled for. But it showed who these individuals are at their core. Regardless of how Willa was talking to Roger, or Edison to Lucas, they both dish out personal attacks at the individuals to feel overpowering.

Skyward just wouldn’t be the same without Willa doing some amazing action in the sky. I feel Henderson often just wants to remind us how bad#$% Willa is as the lead protagonist in this title. Willa is fearless, even when we know she is full of uncertainty. She’s determined and follows through with everything she commits to, even when plans are always changing.

We know how Edison feels about zero gravity, his comfort in knowing he is an equal in zero gravity. But it still hurt to find out that Edison gave Roger (spoilers). In his defense, he realized the error of his ways and apologized immediately. Willa and Edison had a little heart to heart and I really appreciate it as a reader that Henderson did it this way, instead of dragging it out throughout the series. That would have been a little annoying. These two are friends and need to realize what is best for their friendship and the safety of others.

The last page teases a new character to the series, but somehow they are familiar to Willa, so much so that they call her “Sweet baby girl.” I have my suspicions, but I hope that I am wrong. The obvious guess does seem a bit too obvious, and it would really affect how I see the series from the start, but we shall see.


You can pick up your copy of Skyward #10 at your local comic book shop or at the Image Comics website.