Giant Days #46

Written by John Allison
Art by Max Sarin
Colored by Whitney Cogar

Giant Days is a long running indy title with 46 issues below its belt. I am impressed that it manages to stay fresh and interesting. Allison knows how to do this, by making sure there is enough space for single issue adventures without halting the main story line.

In issue 46 we are treated once more to Susan the sleuth, this time solving the case of petty theft in the comic book shop at which Esther works. Eamonn Forbes, the owner of the store is one of my favourite supporting characters. He seems permanently bemused by Esther and her friends, and in this issue even allowing Susan to solve the shoplifting issues the store experiences.

This issue is a great pastiche to noir detectives, allowing Susan to embrace the person she wishes she always was: dark, gritty, a loner who people are slightly scared of, but who gets the job done. Luckily for Susan, her friends realise that that is not who Susan actually is, and make sure they keep an eye on her whilst she reprises her role as detective.

And this issue also addresses something all readers must’ve known to be true: Esther has a devastating effect on the patrons of the comic book shop. Being a wrecking ball of a woman, she causes havoc in the minds of men wherever she goes, and this is of course true for her place of employment too.

Shout out to Max Sarin and Jeremy Lawson, who do some great work with the noir pastiche and the tonal shifts between detective novel, gritty crime scenes and the everyday world of Sheffield.


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