The Green Lantern #3 Review

TScript: Grant Morrison
Art: Liam Sharp
Colors: Steve Oliff

In The Green Lantern #3, Hal hunts Earth down, only to find that it is in more danger than he thought. The Blackstars plan seems to be going well, and they even get to field test their new gear against some of the best Lanterns the Corps has.

In my last review, I said I wanted to keep it short, because you needed to spend more time reading the issue than reading what this nerd had to say about it. I feel the same way about this issue. I hope you’re on your way to the comic shop now, because you should be reading this issue ASAP.

I’m not sure what else I can say about the artwork. Liam Sharpe and Steve Oliff make a beautiful book. I keep finishing The Green Lantern issues feeling like I could have picked up this issue without any words, and still got an incredible story out of it. The range of alien life forms allow the artist to play, and you can sense the fun that Sharp and Oliff have while creating this artwork. A panel that sticks out to me is the Blackstars towing a giant gold space boat. The use of purple as it enveloping the Viking-like ship is gorgeous, and I find myself getting lost. Another panel that just sticks with you is seeing Hal confront the God from the cover for the first time. This God feels like DC’s version of Marvel’s The Collector, or The Grandmaster. His collection is vast and beautiful (until you find out what it actually is).

The story itself is very entertaining and, at times, a little thought provoking. The idea of Earth being auctioned off is scary, and it is definitely portrayed as such. It is also a bit comical, and I did find myself laughing. I read it thinking, “I bet this is some sort of alien reality show.” This series leans into the weird so much that I could see the same stories being played out on an episode of Rick and Morty, and I mean that in the best way possible.

The thing that I liked the most about this issue is how Morrison used the people still trapped on Earth. We see human nature play out in a lot of different ways in comics. Sometimes we see the worst of humanity, and sometimes we see a version of humanity that we all wish we could be more like, because it would make the world a much better place. The human trait that shines brightest in this issue? Working against your own interests because the short term benefits are amazing. The people of Earth know that their time is short unless Earth is back where it belongs, but they also know that they get powers right now. Powers for a short time, or life? In all seriousness, I’d like to think I’d choose life. I also know me and I know that at age 29, I still genuinely wish that one day I can have super powers (I accept any and all judgment). Would I take the powers and run, or would I listen to Hal Jordan (who is doing his best Jor-El impression)?

From cover to cover, I am hooked on the artwork in this issue, and in the series as a whole so far. Sharpe and Oliff are a strong team, and The Green Lantern is the perfect place to show that. The story keeps you hooked, and continues to give us something different, and really weird, and I love it. Go pick it up right now and read! Already read it? READ IT AGAIN!