Go Go Power Rangers #16: The Fight for Power

Written by Ryan Parrott
Art by Eleonora Carlini
Colors by Raul Angulo
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Rita’s last trump card is set in motion, but for a 25 year old franchise, will the outcome be as rewarding as it was back then? The next story arc is pretty predictable, but what can Ryan Parrott and BOOM! Studios do to keep this series from becoming a screen to paper adaptation.

As beautiful of an issue this was to look at, the overall read was very short and didn’t leave too many memorable events in its wake. The rest of the Ranger team teleports to the location of Trini and Jason, of course just to have the same fan service of each of those members switching colors as well (For only about 3 pages). Rita gets away, and she begins to plan for her next step in this grand scheme of the Green Ranger. 

Any fan of the franchise Mighty Morphin Power Rangers knows that this is the lead up to the famous story Green with Evil that took place on the TV show and was the introduction to Tommy Oliver. This may excite some fans of the franchise and this title, but not having a Green Ranger and this series being set in the past was really the only thing keep this title afloat. Once Tommy shows up, we are basically at the start of the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger title and will then become a reiteration of a story comic fans have already been through and enjoyed the first time.  

Ryan Parrott has created a very unique backstory for the Green Ranger power coin and is very much enjoyable due to it never being a priority in previous Power Ranger titles. Eleonora Carlini continues to follow the same artistic flow as her predecessor Dan Mora, only taking some liberties in facial design.


You can grab your copy of Go Go Power Rangers #16 at your local comic book shop or at the BOOM! Studios website.