Adventures of the Super Sons #6 Review

Peter J. Tomasi, writer
Scott Godlewski, art
Protobunker, colors
Rob Leigh, letters

Previously, Robin and Superboy were stranded on an alien planet after escaping capture from a group of alien kids led by Rex Luther who wishes to destroy them. This issue begins, Robin hunts for meat while Superboy eats fruit when they come across an alien animal named “Hukka” and give chase. However, Rex Luther intercepts them and puts them each in restraining collars. Rex is in the process of securing the Super-Sons when Hukka’s owner, Tommy Tomorrow, intervenes and contains all of the children. He brings Rex, Robin, and Superboy to an alien planet called Takron-Gallos, which is made up entirely of a prison. The Super-Sons must find a way to break free so that they can return to earth from a possible attack.

The entertaining part of this story is the mystery surrounding Tommy Tomorrow and what role he plays in this unfolding story. The author informs the reader that Tommy borrowed the “Wonder Machine”, which was introduced in a previous issue when Robin and Superboy saw visions of their older selves. It is unclear exactly how the Wonder Machine works or its overall importance; however, it’s interesting to think whether the Wonder Machine will pop back up again and what importance it might yet play in this story.

Tommy’s role as a “Planateer” (explain) is also a mystery and interesting because of his decision to capture and arrest all of the children. For Rex, the immediate message is that criminals, including children, are punished for their wrongdoing. However, Robin and Superboy are innocent and have been falsely accused, and it will be interesting to see how that part of the story works its way out.

The art adds to the magical feeling of the planet in its playful and colorful representation of Hukka in contrast with the surrounding world filled with vegetation. Robin and Superboy are penciled beautifully, as always, Damian appears as a defiant smart alec and Jonathan is the noble do-gooder with a bright smile to match his outlook.

Overall = 8/10

Final Impressions

The Adventures of the Super-Sons has been a slow build. However, this most recent twist, introducing the Wonder Machine’s power to show future versions of the heroes and its belonging to another interested party adds to the nuance of the story. Damian and Jonathan are in very real danger as they must first escape the prison-planet they are imprisoned on and then get back to earth. I highly recommend this fun adventure about these endearing characters.