The Flash #61

Joshua Williamson, writer
Christian Duce, artist
Luis Guerrero, colors
Steve Wands, letters

The last issue ends with Fuerza and The Flash attacked by the police chief Cauldron who used weapons powered by The Still Force to evoke the worst fears in The Flash and Fuerza. This issue begins, Fuerza, who has possession of The Strength Force, and The Flash defeat Cauldron, and the evidence left behind points toward another villain who has possession of The Still Force itself. The Flash asks Commander Cold, who’s defending Central City during The Flash’s absence, to use his 25th-century technology to find The Still Force. Cold locates The Still Force possessor in Zandia, the vacation-home for the worst villains in The Flash’s Rogues gallery.  

The entertainment value in this issue has to do with the way the author shows the difference between Fuerza, who seeks to destroy her enemies, and The Flash, who shows compassion. The difference challenges The Flash’s naivety about the damage that evil people bring to the lives of the people they abuse. Meanwhile, the writer flushes out the nuances of human experience when Fuerza’s mother arrives and comments that Fuerza wasn’t raised to retaliate. The scene is touching and shows that even people who strive to liberate others must abide by rules of engagement.

The art depicts The Still Force monsters as dangerous and creepy with lots of jagged teeth. This visual effect increases the tension in the story as the heroes lives appear to be in jeopardy as a result. However, the most entertaining thing about the art is the way the background, the buildings, and bystanders, are developed with great detail making the story feel lived in. Finally, the depiction of The Flash using his hands to create a stream of powerful winds, which push the monsters away is cool and fits with The Flash’s overall visual aesthetic.

Overall = 8.5/10

Final Impressions

The Force Quest has been adventurous and a learning experience for The Flash who has an epiphany that he must take it slow so that he learns the lessons about the new forces. The issue ends with a cliffhanger as Barry and Iris go undercover when they arrive at Zandia. It will be interesting to see what new lessons The Flash learns about the new forces in the city of villains.