Old Lady Harley #3 Review

Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Eva de la Cruz
Letters: Dave Sharpe

The insanity doesn’t slow down for a second in the newest issue of Old Lady Harley. It has equal parts hilarity and character development to make for a fully satisfying read that brings Harley closer to her goal… finding the Joker.

Harley and the gang run into even more geriatric villains. While “That Kid From That One Show” is hilarious, my favorite is the introduction of Four-Face. The mind goes into some interesting places trying to figure out how Two-Face got even more faces, but I’m into it.

From there, they go into the Thunder Dome (sorry, Blüd Bowl) where they have to contend with the Bane Twins. There has been a lot of interesting character designs for all the future villains, but none have hit me emotionally quite as hard as seeing old Bane deteriorated and wasted away. His sickly body coming out to end the fight really took me by surprise. I wonder if inspiration was drawn from the Batman Beyond TV series (although this Bane certainly has more power).

The issue comes to a close with a clear view of the endgame. The Joker is indeed still out there, and his posse has come back to him to inform him of Harley’s goal. Things are about to come to a head, and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

Frank Tieri continues to impress. The jokes are solid, and they don’t detract from the ever-looming tension brought by the Joker. Three issues in and I’m truly impressed how he was able to incorporate so many classic Batman characters into this storyline organically. If any other team was working on it, then it would have felt too much like lip service. But everyone gets their due, including Oracle, and it works perfectly with the larger storyline. It’s outstanding.

Overall Score: 10/10