Action Comics #1006: Superman’s Open Arms

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Ryan Sook
Colors by Brad Anderson
Letters by Josh Reed

There’s a bigger storm than the Red Cloud brewing in Metropolis and Superman shows no sign of knowing what it may be. 

Brian Michael Bendis is really good at showing how disgusting a bad person really is. With his depiction of the Mayor of Metropolis, from the moment he was introduced in last issue, until now, in every panel he occupied, he stooped to new lows, claiming kids hold diseases, taking jabs at Clark and Lois’ relationship and even so far as to make a comment about Clark’s weight. If Bendis was ever interested in writing a villain title, I don’t think it would be very hard for him. I will say, his writing of a dirty political figure is spot on and has me hoping we see more of him. More so for either Superman to take him down, or even better Lois & Clark taking him down after the comments he made. 

A very big troupe Bendis seems to love in his writing of the Big Blue Boy Scout, is his power set. Bendis has Clark use his X-Ray vision in this issue, clearly as a way to see if his suspicions of Robinson Goode are correct. Bendis then has Clark use his X-Ray vision on the entire downstairs of the Daily Planet, which looks beautiful with Ryan Sook’s art, but has zero context for why he is doing it. Bendis gives the reader some insight on what individuals are talking about throughout the building by using symbols, and none relate to anything we as the reader just learned in the panels previous to it. It seems to be all for show for Bendis, to show us as the reader, that we know, that he knows how Superman’s powers work. And it’s getting very tiresome, I don’t want pointless Superman powers, I want story progression.

 The Red Cloud versus Superman round two takes place in this issue. This time, it works more in the favor of Superman. Bendis did something I didn’t really think I would see. In the past five issues, Bendis has been so caught up in his story, in his portrayal and interpretation of Superman, that I didn’t really think I would see the heart of Superman, well at least not this soon. Superman literally reached out with open arms towards The Red Cloud. Giving her the chance to step away from the wrongs she has done and will do, offering her help genuine help. Even going as far as to throw some “low-key shade” at other heroes that would not give her the same offer. 

This is Superman, the man that is capable of seeing past the villainy. Past the sinful actions of what others would see as a crook or a monster. A man that truly sees the potential of good in anything and everything. But the unfortunate question still needs to be asked. How long will this glimpse into Bendis’ Superman will last? We didn’t see this attitude from Superman for five issues. I would safely put money down on Bendis having a very different Superman in the very next issue. Because that’s how this title has been since Bendis has started. It’s a frustrating concept, but understandable for all creators.

Bendis leaves us with some interesting news from an individual who has been teased since issue 1002 someone who was moving all the chess pieces throughout Metropolis, Leone. She has money, she has power, she has influence, and she has resources. There just may be a new player on the same level as Lex Luthor in Metropolis. 


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