Unnatural #5 Review: No One To Trust

Created by Mirka Andolfo

Unnatural #5 is a little bit of a short read, considering nothing really happens to progress the story dramatically. We are introduced to a few new characters, one being a bigger part of Leslie’s assumed past life: Khal, a wolf with super strength and blue blood and Saya, for now just an average mouse.

Mirka used this issue to definitely slow down the madness that had taken place for the past three issues. Instead of dramatic deaths or supernatural hallucinations, we get a brief history lesson of Khal’s past and how he is connected to Leslie’s big bad wolf, who is known as “The Albino”.

In the history lesson we learn of a place called Tijoux, a place where people are free. Although it was only shown in one panel of the history lesson, free was probably used in terms of how individuals lived. We know that in Unnatural, the government is strict on cross species relationships and homosexuality. In the history lesson, we see a cow, presumed mother, holding her children close, but only one resembles a calf, the other has very catlike features. So it is safe to assume, Tijoux is a place where individuals can have relationships of any kind.

Jones and the cult that had taken Leslie in the last few issues make another appearance, alluding to a bigger purpose of why they want Leslie. We see that Jones, as evil and messed up as he is, may have a very unhealthy obsession with Leslie due to having a random pig woman wear a blue wig while in bed with him. The yet to be seen character in the ritual gown and headpiece is called “Master” by Jones. With the two butting heads with two completely different personalities, my assumption that Jones was a hired gun may be wrong. The “Master” claims the garments he wears give him “great power” although that has yet to be seen. With the little supernatural things we have seen throughout this book, I wouldn’t doubt it yet.

It has yet to be clear whether Leslie has been kidnapped or saved, but it wasn’t Khal or Saya’s plans to bring Leslie along to their humble abode, it was Carol’s. A woman who saved Khal from the savages of Tijoux. A pig woman. Possibly good for Leslie to try and connect with at a personal level. But with everything that has happened Leslie has to be very cautious with who to trust.


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