The Discard Pile (or Dollar Bin Bust-Outs) – WOLVERINE #52 (1992)

I will go ahead and admit up front that I am not the biggest Wolverine fan. I know he is a super beloved character with a bazillion fans and the main reason Incredible Hulk #181 is a ridiculously expensive comic book…even insect eaten, torn to shreds copies are outta my wallet’s reach! All of this is to say that after a family member gave me a storage box full of comics and collectibles to either sell off or keep, I decided to read some 90’s comics tucked inside the box for ol time’s sake, one of which was Wolverine #52 from spring 1992 written by Larry Hama and drawn by Marc Silvestri. There is a name here that gets my attention as the colors are by Steve Buccellato who is currently colorist for one of my absolute favorite current books, DC’s The Wild Storm.

Part two of “The Crunch Conundrum” and internally titled “Citadel at the End of Time”, this comic reeks of the 90s, but it also had some quality panels that made it easy enough to read through. This is a true ensemble piece as Wolverine is just one of the main characters. His page time is mostly reserved for one-liners and fighting. As the title implies there is a healthy amount of time travel and also a fair amount of jumping back and forth between future and present time set pieces.

Plot “A” involves Wolverine, Spiral and Mystique as they attempt to travel to a moment known as the “crunch”. In doing so they encounter and battle a Plasma Wraith. The first part of this book takes place in a crummy motel and is oddly fun to read in a voice dripping with sarcasm. A “B” plot finds the tubby wonder Mojo traveling time with a kidnapped Jubilee. Mojo is Jabba the Hut meets Ursula from Little Mermaid. The character is gross and hilariously over the top. Finally, there is “C” plot that I don’t understand that much not having read any of the books before #52 which finds characters named Albert and Elise in Canada. At the end this pair discovers Wolverine’s bones. I’m guessing this implies the battle that occurs in the future doesn’t turn out so well for Wolfie.

Trash or Treasure?
Trash. This is not a comic I enjoyed all that much despite some funny dialog and a few decent visuals. The comic is a product of its time and since the story doesn’t make all that much sense I am not feeling compelled to track down the other parts to find out what happens next. In the business of serialized fiction and sequential art, comics have more bland chapters than amazing in the grand scheme perhaps, yet I will always find the act of flipping these colorful pages a tiny bit of zen as compared to the rat race we all face.

So that’s that – thanks for reading…Do you have stories of favorite (or worst) dollar bin comic finds? Share! I’m on Twitter @teflonbeast