The Flash #59

Written by, Joshua Williamson
Pencils by, Rafa Sandoval
Inks by, Jaroit Aragona & Scott Hanna
Colors by, Tom Morey
Letters by, Steve Wands

In the previous issue, The Flash and Iris confronted the twin-team called Gemini and quickly followed leads and urges by The Speed Force to investigate an issue in Gorilla City.  The issue begins, The Flash and Iris are at Gorilla City; however, the gorillas are all dead. Iris prompts them to investigate and they find clues to the origin of The New Forces. They are interrupted by Gorilla scientists who invite them to their lab and explain that they escaped destruction but didn’t identify the assailants. Gemini, The Force-enhanced twins, arrive to investigate Gorilla City and to track down Barry so that they can steal his power. The Flash leaves Gorilla City to pursue evidence of The Strength Force which was obtained by Commander Cold who is back at Central City. The Flash locates The Strength force but is surprised by its host!

The best thing about this issue is Sandoval’s art. It’s a classic approach that mildly resembles the turn of the century art used to depict the working class. The clothing appears soft, almost touchable, the edges are rounded, making the figure look and feel alive. The colors are rich in places, subtle in other places, which creates depth. The anger and conviction are palpable as depicted in The Flash’s face when he thinks that Grodd is responsible for the deaths of the other gorillas.

The increased inclusion of Iris as a central part of the narrative increases the enjoyability as well. She keeps her head about her when they arrive and find the dead gorillas. Iris finds the evidence of The New Forces. She coaches The Flash to let go of his guilt so that he can focus on the evidence right in front of them. Iris confronts The Flash’s false belief that Grodd was responsible. She also contacts Commander Cold to help navigate the computer technology in the Gorilla’s lab when it’s too complex for them to operate. Iris confronts Barry for making being selfish by putting himself in the center of all of the events rather than approaching the problems rationally and following the evidence that’s provided. Iris having a central role in the story  makes it feel interesting and fresh not only because she brings a different perspective but also it keeps the story from centering around Barry’s guilt, which has already been done.

Overall = 9/10R

The Force Quest story arc has been entertaining and has breathed new life into The Flash book by placing Iris in the center of the story. In addition, the author is making strides to weave the discovery of The New Forces into The Flash’s history. For example, by showing evidence that the gorillas have had access to The Sage Force for a long time. I can hardly wait to see how The Flash overcomes his next encounter with The Strength Force in the next issue!