Old Lady Harley #2 Review

Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colorist: Eva de la Cruz
Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Old Lady Harley is one of those stories you read and wish every comic on the stand could be as good. Frank Tieri has a thorough understanding of what makes for an enjoyable Harley Quinn story like no one else. He also knows how to just take the ball and run with it. The previous issue introduced a lot of fun elements, and the good times get piled on even more in the latest issue. 

Right off the bat, we learn Batman has hooked himself up to a computer system to send a bunch of hologram-Batmans to patrol Gotham, resulting in zero crime. Among all the fun and mayhem, a little bit of philosophy gets thrown into the mix. Namely, is having zero freedom the necessary price for no crime? While it’s fun checking in with Batman, it’s only the beginning. 

Harley and Red Tool head over to Arkham, which is now a retirement home for ex-supervillains. The character designs here are just great. My favorite has to be Killer Croc wearing some old man suspenders. It’s simple, but I just really like the idea that in his old age Croc has taken to wearing suspenders for no real reason. Of course, this all leads to the thrilling conclusion where Harley and crew accidentally end up in Bludhaven, which is now a city housing criminals. 

An understated part of the issue I really enjoyed was the opening news flashes. I’m glad to see it carried over from the previous issue, and it’s a fun little parody of the news clips featured throughout The Dark Knight Returns. Regardless of whether those Canadian zombies end up playing a major role in the plot, it helps color the world in a fun way. Ultimately, I just feel bad for anyone not reading Old Lady Harley right now. 

Overall Score: 10/10