Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #33 Origin of the Solar Rangers

Written by Marguerite Bennett and Ryan Ferrier
Art by Bachan and Simone Di Meo
Colored by Walter Baiamonte

With the prior history of the Power Rangers franchise, are the circumstances of Ellarien’s Solar Ranger powers a coincidence? Or fate?

In the span of three issues, we have received a lot of information about new characters, new foes, and what seems to be the way for our rangers to get back to the world they know, the Solarix. These are all interesting pieces of this new adventure, but as dramatic as it all may seem, it’s definitely not what other readers seem to want from this series. Where are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? How are they rebuilding the Universe? Is Lord Drakkon still alive?

This story arc with Ellarien, The Praetor, and the Solarix are all but temporary. The team has no experience with readers, individually. Yes with their teams, but as this new band of misfits, it just doesn’t work. Most members are only there to fill the panel. No one has had a critical role except for Andros. As per the Red Ranger, being the assumed team leader for this group.

Ellarien, fell upon the power of the Solarix and her Solar Ranger powers unwillingly. Given to her just because there was no one else around at the time. Sure, it’s pure coincidence for the story, and I’m not entirely sure there’s any other way to write it, but Bennett’s writing for this story has not lived up to the hype that was being generated by all the announcements at Power Morphicon 2018 this year. Marguerite Bennett may just getting into the groove of things in this first arc with this team and may have some amazing stories to tell, but as of right now, it’s just not hitting its mark.

The art in this story has been a bit of a change from what we are used to, and it is still something to get used to. Very rigged, squared, and always in motion. With Ellarien’s not so great grip on her powers from the Solarix, it causes her Solar Ranger form to glitch. The glitch effect is cool visually to tell the story, but not something I enjoy looking at for the duration of the issue, as it began to hurt my eyes after a while.

There are still high hopes for the future of this series with the possibility of seeing where our original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger team is, where they have been, what they have changed and kept the same. And how the franchise will ever recover from the massive attack from Lord Drakkon.


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