Justice League #12 Review

Writer: James Tynion IV
Art: Frazer Irving and Bruno Redondo
Colors: Irving and Sunny Gho
Letters: Tom Napolitano

Spoilers ahead!

Drowned Earth reaches a thrilling climax in the most recent issue. The story starts with all the heroes pretty much in the lowest points imaginable. Mera, Superman, and Flash are cornered. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are in a bitter fight with Poseidon. Batman may be back in the saddle, but he’s outnumbered against the Legion of Doom. What transpires is an excellent story with superb action sequences and absolutely incredible artwork.

My jaw practically hit the floor when I saw the beautiful art done for the Graveyard of Gods scene. Poseidon looks awesome, and his blue tints contrasted with Wonder Woman’s bright reds makes for a clean fight scene that is both pretty and terrifying simultaneously. It almost looks like artwork you would see in a copy of The Odyssey. I’m telling you. It’s that good.

Later in the issue, a completely different style is used for the Mera team trapped by Black Manta’s forces. It has a very Cronenberg vibe, especially with the images of Flash slowly morphing into a sea creature. I love the design they used for the actual sea monsters. The idea to have scaly bodies but still have human-like features on the face (particularly one notable mustache) really creates a disturbing image that will be seared in your head for the rest of the day.

The art’s great, and the writing backs it up wonderfully. One of my favorite lines in the issue is when Batman busts into the Hall of Justice and tells the Legion, “Right over here, we have the part of the Hall where Batman kicked the asses of the Legion of Doom.” It’s just a cool line to bring Batman out of remission in an epic fashion. Overall, Drowned Earth is picking up in a big way, and with the promise of a Death Kraken on the way, this is one storyline to pick up.

Score: 9/10