Batman #59 Review: You Either Die A Hero. . .

Written by Tom King
Art by Mikel Janin
Colors by Jordie Bellaire
Letters by Clayton Cowles

It’s finally happened, again, for the third time? Bane has broken the Bat. Bruce taking the word of another villain lunatic, Penguin, confronts Bane in Arkham and is done with the charade. Batman even goes as far as attacking Gordon convinced by Penguin’s word.

Tom King’s overarching plot throughout Rebirth has been this song and dance between Batman and Bane, making Bane more than just a juiced up villain. Methodically planning the end of Batman. Bane is seemingly the one with all the cards. With the conclusion of this issue, it’s hard to see where King is going with the story. It’s clear that he is messing with Batman’s mind and with the Gordon confrontation, possibly making Batman untrustworthy to Gordon, Gotham PD, and possibly Gotham. In his attempt to get Bane to confess, Batman wants Bane to proclaim that he is Bane in order for Batman to claim he is Batman. I am Gotham. I am Suicide. I am Bane. All very cool story names, very stoic and appropriate for what the stories were, but King’s obsession with proclamations is becoming a bit unhealthy for Batman’s sake.

It is still unclear on how King will explain how Bane is operating undetected by Arkham or Gordon. Is it as simple as Arkham being a part of the ruse? Is Gordon? Or is it something more? At the end of Batman issue 50, the last panel showed Bane on some sort of throne with all the villains around him that are presumably a part of the bigger picture. One of those characters wasn’t a villain though, in fact, one of those characters was Skeets, Booster Gold’s companion. A possible source of time travel for Bane. It is possible that the Bane we have seen underneath Arkham is in fact an entirely different Bane from who we see in this current issue, and with the smiling Bane at the end, they may be working together.

As awesome as it is for Batman to go against Arkham security guards, a small piece of dialogue turned the experience completely off for me. “Do I pull that trigger and get a bat-boot shoved through my face?” Batman’s bat themed gadgets are a trope for the character, in recent years it’s almost become humorous how Batman himself calls everything “Bat-(insert gadget/piece of apparel here).” I can never take him seriously when he addresses his own equipment as Bat themed when it doesn’t necessarily need to be. His boots are not designed in any bat-shape to validate him calling them bat-boots. But that’s only one small nitpick of this issue.


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