Go Go Power Rangers #14: Lost in Space

Written by Ryan Parrott
Art by Eleonora Carlini
Colors by Raul Angulo
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

In the unraveling events of Shattered Grid the young Rangers are back to their main goal, to protect Earth from the evil witch Rita Repulsa. Stuck on a far off planet from Rita’s Trans-Dimensional Gateway, Jason and Trini fight their way to survive until the rest of the team can get them back.

Ryan Parrott has found a way to move from the normal Power Ranger formula to bringing real danger and adventure to the Ranger team. Bringing new characters and interesting backstories to life, Parrott is able to expand an already developed universe even more. Rita Repulsa has visited a civilization known as the Kedry on the planet Breel. The queen claims her mother is Rita Repulsa but does not recognize the Rita Repulsa who has always been a part of the Power Ranger story. Does this mean the Rita we know is actually an impostor? Or has she disguising her real appearance?

Speaking of impostors, with Jason and Trini stranded on a far off planet, Kim and Zack attempted to make cover stories for their friends in order for everything to seem okay. Unfortunately, someone already beat them to the punch. Someone or something, is turning in homework and covering for Jason and Trini, and the Ranger team does not know who it is. I don’t exactly know how, but my money would be on Matt. We know he is still very much upset with the team after finding out their secret, but I think Matt would still be the kind of person to help them out if it was absolutely necessary. If not Matt, I don’t know who else would know about their disappearance.

In a brief moment in this issue, we see Finster and Baboo share a conversation. With Rita temporarily MIA, Baboo seems to have grown a backbone. A character who has mostly been seen as merely comedic relief in the show and honestly someone with very little brain, it is very interesting to see him planning something while Rita is gone. I doubt too much will come of it, but on the other hand, if Rita’s servants turned against her it would make for an interesting story.

Rita seems to come to Breel for a reason, convincing the Queen of the Kedry to take her to the Temple of Repulsa which Rita claims holds to the secret to ending the Power Rangers forever. A little cliche, but still piques my interest in this story.

This issue was also the debut of Eleonora Carlini on the Go Go Power Ranger title, replacing Dan Mora. Although at first glance it’s almost unnoticeable, more with the help of Raul Angulo’s coloring. But each character has significant differences in facial structure and character design. Carlini’s style works very well in this crazy story of uncharted planets.