Harley Quinn #53 Review

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Lucas Werneck
Colors: Alex Sinclair

Spoilers ahead!

Harley Quinn becomes a viral internet star in her latest adventure. Honestly, it’s a path I’m surprised she hasn’t pursued sooner. After playing the Screwball adventures in Spider-Man PS4, I thought a similar storyline for Harley Quinn would be a no-brainer, and you can witness the insanity yourself by picking up a copy.

Although an issue of Harley getting into internet-related hijinks sounds delightful, she instead has to contend with a new antagonist: Minor Disaster. She has a special, villainous dial that creates minor havoc wherever she goes. To earn her dad’s respect, she realizes she can use it on the biggest internet star of the week: Harley Quinn.

What follows is a lot of great physical humor like Harley falling off her motorcycle after slipping on a banana peel. While it is entertaining, I can’t help but feel as though more could have been done. There’s talk about how each of Harley’s videos need to be crazier than the last, so she can retain viewers. However, there’s no real insights into YouTube celebrity culture. Harley just kind of gets diarrhea and stuff.

Even Minor Disaster’s last gambit could have been bigger. Instead of accidentally sending out a video of Harley dissing her viewers, she could have pulled a Logan Paul and done something so outrageously distasteful, she becomes a pariah to her fans. Or maybe her fans stand by her because they “stan” her. A lot of routes could have been taken to create a more engaging story.

I had similar critiques for the last Harley arc regarding Captain Triumph, and the creative team really turned it around in the second part. I’m hoping something similar will occur this time. But at the end of the day, it’s still an enjoyable Harley Quinn story about a relevant issue. It’s funny, but there could be more.

Overall Score: 7/10