Giant Days #44

Created & Written by John Allison
Art by Max Sarin
Colors by Whitney Cogar
Letters by Jim Campbell

At first I thought Giant Days was just weaving a very long story arc related to Christmas, to explain the September issue that was very Christmas heavy. But clearly something moved up in Boom! Studios’ timeline because it’s November and in Sheffield it is already time for Valentine’s Day.

The students at Sheffield University each have their own opinions on Valentine’s Day. Where Daisy is usually so wide-eyed and fully into celebrations; her recent relationship troubles have left her feeling bitter and unwilling to participate. Esther on the other hand is insistent that for once she finds real love, and not just a “roll in the hay”. In this issue we mainly follow how Esther finds love in a hopeless place: a talk at the mechanical engineering society, by one of the world’s leading tech bros.

This could’ve so easily been a repeat of the storyline that the TV show Modern Family and others explore where a beautiful woman with little academic aptitude surprises everyone by dating a hyper intelligent man. But Esther is no bimbo. She might be a hopeless romantic, but she’s not stupid. John Allison manages to underline all the reasons why the enthusiasm of the aforementioned tech bros can entice someone, as well as all the reasons they are truly unbearable to talk to.*

Meanwhile Susan and McGraw get some more airtime. The romance of their relationship is portrayed by  Susan’s inability to be romantic, and McGraw’s quiet dignity in the face of that. And that is exactly what I needed for this November-based Valentine’s Day. On one page Susan and McGraw discuss something unrelated whilst McGraw hands her a meal from the fridge. She turns to place the container into the microwave in a way that suggest that he makes her dinner every day, and she microwaves and devours it every day. And that expresses their love more beautifully than any greetings card ever could.

Daisy is left dealing with her RA duties, which I’m sure she’ll be camping with for the duration of her final year. I’m hoping this is the year where Daisy learns to stand up for herself against all the unreasonably confident first-years, which have plagued her since she first started at university. I can’t wait for her to tell them all where to stuff it, the same way she told Valentine’s Day.


* I work for a tech company. Apologies to my colleagues, but I honestly don’t want to hear a single thing about bitcoin ever again.

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