Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special Review

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: Clem Robbins

It has been too long since Wytches was last on the stands, but given everything that Scott Snyder and Jock have been doing (The Batman Who Laughs will be released in November), it’s understandable why it took so long for another issue to come out. Now this may only be a one-shot, but this issue plays a big role for the second arc of Wytches.

This issue focuses mainly on Clara, Sebastian, and Jackson. Clara is Sebastian’s mother and Jackson and Sebastian are best friends. If you read the first arc of Wytches, you know family plays an important part, and this one-shot is no different. Sebastian thinks he has a run of the mill mother and thinks she isn’t anything special. As a matter of fact, he refers to her as “standard issue”. All that changes when Sebastian is nearly kidnapped and used as food for a Wytch but then is saved by his mother. Clara is part of a group called the Irons, and they hunt Wytches. Shortly after, Sebastian finds out that his friend Jackson is in danger because his parents have pledged him, and his life is in danger because of it. Jackson has no idea that his life is about to change, but Sebastian will do all he can to help his friend.

Snyder may not have written an issue of Wytches since 2015, but he hasn’t missed a beat. He continues with the theme of family in this one-shot and how important family can be. Sebastian’s life changes when finds out about Clara, and she doesn’t hide the truth from him any longer: she shows him how to protect himself from the Wytches. Once he learns the ropes, he tries to protect Jackson from his parents. He and Jackson should only have to worry about racing their toy cars but are rushed into survival mode because of the Wytches. These two shouldn’t have to worry about surviving death at such a young age but having your best friend being pledged by his own parents will change that. The ending of the issue is a mix of sadness and hope, but it’s the hope at the end that made the issue worth reading.

Jock returns to Wytches as well, and he is far from your “standard issue” artist. He’s complimented by Matt Hollingsworth and his amazing colors. The Wytches still look grotesque as ever, and he knows his way around a horror comic. From facial details to two best friends play with their race cars, Jock gets everything right. Matt Hollingsworth brings the eeriness to life on this book with his colors. He sets the mood whether it’s a bright day outside or a Wytch in a pit with some potential food. It was nice to have the original team back, and it’ll be even nicer once the second arc hits the stands.