The Wild Storm #18 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils and Inks by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Brian Buccellato and Steve Buccellato

Attention, boils and ghouls, we have finally reached the conclusion of the third volume in the Wild Storm makeover series with #18 hitting shelves this fine & freaky week of Halloween. Warren Ellis’ script is glorious as is the unusually perfect art of Jon Davis-Hunt & their cohorts in world domination. For fans of this reboot there is only more to love. For readers who are not following monthly, this issue basically sets the table the the finale’s big war.

This might be the most Ellis dialog I’ve read this run. It is also some of the funniest. Specifically a couple of seemingly throwaway panels where two Daemonites are at a bar as Zealot walks up. Though both are invisible to her and other people, they are drinking and discussing the stupid rules of the English language. This is laugh out loud stuff when the pair even make fun of Zealot. A total success in humor and practically pointless to the story, just pure fun.

Like several chapters in the run, #18 has a short action sequence and lots of set up. It is a mystery to me why a comic that is so heavily about setting up teams can be such good reading, and yet here we are. This issue is a summation of all previous chapters, and it gives us all another moment to consider the finale. The Authority is almost formed and they announce as much here. The WildCAT team has a beautiful panel where they practically burst from the grid. Skywatch and IO might finally be ready to fight. Cliffhanger!

Wild Storm is a great title. It may not appeal to general readers because of a glacially slow build, but the pace is one of the reasons the alien-tech thriller is such a pleasure to read. There are fully fleshed out characters and real stakes being constructed. A brilliant comic at eighteen issues with a final act that is sure to be an amazing arc.