Mad Cave: Battlecats, Midnight Task Force, Knights of the Golden Sun, and more..

The three big titles from Mad Cave are all worth checking out. You can read our reviews for Battlecats and Midnight Task Force, and we will have a review for Knights of the Golden Sun (which issue 1 will be available in stores November 14!) coming very soon! All three of these titles bring something different to the table.

Battlecats Volume 1 is already in stores and offers a fun experience with twists, turns, and all the action you would need from some very bad-ass Battlecats. The story provides a great mythos and extremely fun world building. Battlecats: The Tome of Valderia is the trade paperback coming out this year and will offer an “in-depth, immersive experience into the Battlecat’s world”. You can see more on this comic and descriptions of the characters on the Mad Cave website.

Midnight Task Force from Mark London and Alejandro Giraldo offers something a bit grittier and wonderful. A little bit of science fiction, dystopia and a view into the underbelly of a futuristic Detroit. The art really pops out with a cyberpunk, metallic feel which pulls you right into the world. Alongside the art is an interesting story of one messed up detective and his surprising companions. He may be a little crazy, but that’s kinda what we like about him. You can get issues 1-4 on comixology, and Volume 1 comes out December 12.

Knights of the Golden Sun is definitely one we are totally amped up about. You can even download a free preview on their site to see why. This one is a Biblical historical Fiction that takes place during the 400 years that separate the Old Testament from the New Testament. Our review of issue one coming very soon as well. Check out the trailer below!

Another upcoming release is Honor and Curse. “Honor and Curse takes place in Feudal Japan and follows Genshi Sakagura, adopted by the Iga clan after witnessing the murder of his parents. A promising young shinobi, Genshi hopes to marry Lord Haruki’s beautiful daughter, Akemi, and lead the Iga clan warriors into battle. His future looked promising, until a training session turned violent and Genshi almost killed Master Nishiro.” Check out the free preview on the Mad Cave website.