The Thrilling Adventure Hour #4

Written By: Ben Acker & Ben Blacker
Illustrated By: M.J. Erickson
Colored By: Meg Casey, Fred C. Stresing, and Katya Granger
Lettered By: Mike Fiorentino

I feel like I want to open each of these reviews with ‘As if I couldn’t love the Thrilling Adventure Hour more’, but this month they’ve honestly outdone themselves. This issue deals with vampires. Not necessarily the seductive, murderous side, but more specifically the minutiae of vampire lore. How are covens organised, what are the rules regarding invitations and putting people in a thrall, etc. I know that is maybe not what most people enjoy about vampires, but I love contemplating the daily practicalities of classic monsters. Never mind zombie escape plans, instead I can spend hours mulling over whether or not Frankenstein would’ve bothered to give his monster an appendix. If you like that kind of thing too, then you’ll love the Thrilling Adventure Hour, and especially this issue.

This is the final issue of this arc, confusingly so, because the Prince of Darkness has yet to make an appearance. I assume the Beyond Belief canon will continue with BOOM!, because this felt like an odd thread to leave untied for a closing issue. Otherwise this makes for a great story. Frank and Sadie stumble into the next adventure just as reluctantly as always. And they try to ignore the drama they’re faced with for as long as possible, only to resolve the problems with a nonchalance us mere mortals can only dream of.

Earlier this month Acker & Blacker announced that the Thrilling Adventure Hour would be back in podcast form from next week onwards. So if these comics have made you curious as to the show the characters are based on; a new episode will be out monthly from Halloween onwards.


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