Teen Titans #23 Review

Written by Adam Glass
Pencils by Bernard Chang
Inks by Scott Hanna
Colors by Hi-Fi

As teased at the end of last issue, Roundhouse is alive and well and back at home living with his parents, but where has he been and why didn’t he let the Teen Titans know? Issue #23 starts with a dramatic attempt on Commissioner Gordon’s life as the Teen Titans attempt to flush out the assassin who is looking to take down everybody’s favourite Gotham City cop.

Adam Glass continues to impress on Teen Titans as he delivers an issue full of action, humor and romantic tension. Glass builds some bromantic ties between Roundhouse and Kid Flash quite well allowing them several pages of story to thrash out their problems and for Kid Flash to convince Roundhouse how much he and the rest of the Teen Titans care about him, not to mention how his “death” affected them. While Glass can get quite serious, he then uses Roundhouse to deliver lots of laughs during tense moments of dialogue to make sure that there is a balance of emotions throughout the issue.

Glass also starts laying it on pretty thick that there is a romantic triangle developing between Djinn, Damian and Emiko. It seems that Damian is developing fast feelings for Djinn and that starts to bug Emiko quite a bit. Glass will surely use this tension in the next few issues to come, and hopefully it should make for some great entertainment. Grab your popcorn!

The art team of Bernard Chang, Scott Hanna and Hi-Fi have delivered such a great looking issue. The vibrant color that you would always associate with a Teen Titans issue is on show as Hi-Fi does an admirable job of filling in Bernard Changs detailed pencils and Scott Hanna’s thick, but well defined inks. It would be very smart of DC to try and keep this trio together on this title as long as possible, it looks great from cover to cover.

Speaking of covers, Alex Garner’s third variant cover on this title is yet another beautie. On this occasion she has depicted a great action pose of Damian in his Robin costume against a green Matrix looking backdrop. Damian fans should take note of this attention seeker and snap it up quick just in case your LCS only gets a few of the variants for the shelves.

So many Teen Titans volumes have meandered off after an initial promising start and this Rebirth volume was no different, but the hiatus and refresh seems to have given this title quite a jump start. The 1-2 punch of Glass and Chang is working really well and hopefully they can stay consistent.

7.5 out of 10