Lumberjanes #55

Written by: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
Illustrated by: Dozerdraws
Colors by: Maarta Laiho
Letters by: Aubrey Aiese

The Lumberjanes story so far is that an ancient Greek vampire has abducted Ripley to a mysterious location. Meanwhile the rest of the Roanoke cabin group is on their way to rescue her. Ripley has been abducted because for a hot minute she had a mighty cosmic power, which is what this vampire is hoping to feed on. Unfortunately for the vampire, one of the things Ripley did whilst she had this cosmic power was to order magic kittens for everyone. The magic kittens somehow ended up abducted too.

Now that you’re caught up let me tell you that it is very difficult to abduct even one kitten. It’s even harder to abduct a whole horde of magic kittens, and it is almost impossible to look menacing when kittens are frolicking around you. This is what our main baddie is discovering fast.

Meanwhile the Roanokes discover that the scary vampire has hidden away in a location that is guarded by those things that Ripley fears most. Between issue 54 and 55 we have lost Diane’s explanation of where Ripley is hidden. And although Ripley’s location appears to be portrayed as other-dimensional, the Roanokes find spooky things in the forest that reveal they are getting close to finding her. I’m sure this will be explored in the next issue, but I found myself reaching for #54 to check if I had missed anything.

Other than this minor confusion of space within the comic’s universe, I had fun reading this issue of Lumberjanes. Ripley is a charming character. Although she is infuriatingly easily distracted, her pure joy at having kittens around is infectious. And you’d be wrong to underestimate her, as Ripley is clever and thinks outside the box to find solutions to her (sometimes very scary) problems. That kind of naïve optimism shines through the character and makes Lumberjanes such a feel good comic.


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