Lucifer #1 Review

Written by Dan Watters
Art by Max Fiumara & Sebastian Fiumara
Colors by Dave McCaig
Letters by Steve Wands

Not knowing much about Lucifer as a character on the comic book universe left this book a little confusing for me. Of course with simple knowledge of Christianity and a little help from the CW’s Supernatural and not forgetting Netflix’s Lucifer the background of Lucifer is very simple. Lucifer is a fallen angel. Watters has Lucifer very far from grace in this issue, so much so that at one point Lucifer seems to have all the power he needs and still is very helpless when defending himself.

Detective Decker is another character we are very close to in this issue, he is the side plot. But Watters doesn’t place the building blocks of this book very well to pull me into this issue. Yes, weird things are happening to him, more tragic than weird, but why should I care? This is the first issue, and I already feel four issues behind. What does Decker have to do with Lucifer? Or is it the other way around? Max and Sebastian Fiumara did an excellent job on the visuals of this issue, but it just doesn’t mesh well with the story or the tone of the book.

Decker visits his brother-in-law in some sort of institution, but his motivations to do so are not played out very well. Watters does not seem to have too much emotion in his character’s voices to convince me that their actions are genuine or at least the fast pacing of the story seems to feel that way. From one setting to the next it all seems a bit rushed, but again, it’s because I have had no time to connect with these characters before the plot is moved to the next step.

Of course this book is not titled Detective Decker, so the issue ends on a note of Lucifer having some recollection of one individual that we only get a glimpse of in the panel before, and I feel Watters assumes I know him, which of course I don’t. Context will surely follow in the next issue, but unfortunately this issue did not grasp enough interest for me to be waiting at the edge of my seat for next month’s issue.


You can pick up your copy of Lucifer at your local comic book shop or at the DC Comics website.