Aquaman #41 Review

Written by Dan Abnett
Pencils by Lan Medina
Inks by Vicente Cifuentes
Colors by Gab Eltaeb

If you’re the type that requires background information when a crossover event is beginning then you should pick up Justice League #10 by Scott Snyder before you start reading this issue. In a nutshell, Aquaman is missing thanks to the Flood, a herald for long-dead ocean gods with an ancient grudge against Poseidon. In this issue of Aquaman, Queen Mera is left to deal with the arrival of an alien armada aiming to punish the Earth for the sins of Atlantis.

Abnett makes Mera the lead character of this issue as Aquaman is pushed well into the background as the Earth starts to flood and infect every living being it comes into contact with. If the Mera mini-series was not meaty enough for you then you will definitely be happy with the page time Mera gets in this issue. Queen in name and now Queen in appearance. Abnett’s choice pays off as well as it is a welcome change of lead character in a title than many have dropped off from if you analyse the monthly sales. Abnett really hits home just how powerful Mera is in this issue as well as how important she may be in the weeks and months ahead in thwarting this new threat. Abnett also stresses how she is not only in service of Atlantis but the Justice League as he uses Batman to convey the message that she has two masters, Atlantis and Earth.

The art by Lan Medina, Vicente Cifuentes and Gab Eltaeb looks absolutely great in this issue as the three of them combine to deliver a wonderful looking issue. Medina’s characters are detailed and shape and look great in close up. A minor nitpick is a lack of detail in some scene establishing panels where the physical space might be too small to illustrate the definition required. The inks by Cifuentes are subtle but purposeful and complement Medina’s work really well. Eltaeb’s colors are well chosen and the transitions from Atlantis to the Hall of Justice have a clear tone distinction.

While this issue is a prelude tie-in for the Drowned Earth event it still had plenty of Atlantean themes and character development to still make it feel like it wasn’t. It’s a good read and should be read if you are interested in the event that starts October 31st.

7.5 out of 10