The Flash #56

Written by, Joshua Williamson
Art by, Scott Kolins
Colors by, Luis Guerrero
Letters by, Steve Wands

The issue begins with the backstory of Mick Rory, Heatwave, how he was obsessed with the Rogues and how it landed him in prison. Later, Heatwave becomes a giant raging fire god due to his coming in contact with The Sage Force, which entered Central City through Iron Heights in the previous issue. The discovery of The Sage Force is described in Justice League (See JL #1-4). The Flash and Detective Burns investigate, which leads them to discover that they’ve been transported to another dimension by The Sage Force, or so they think. But what really happened at Iron Heights and who is to blame?

Kristen, Barry’s CPI partner at Iron Heights, continues her investigation of Warden Wolfe who appears to be hiding something. The Flash determines that The Sage Force has greatly expanded Mick Rory’s abilities. Detective Burns appeared to develop an empathic connection to Heatwave because of the support she showed him while he was in prison. However, The Flash wonders if it is all in Heatwave’s head because something appears to be keeping Detective Burns from connecting with Heatwave, presently? Iris discovers the truth when she visits Cold at his apartment. Shockingly she finds The Flash, Detective Burns, and Heatwave unconscious and connected to medical support devices on the flood in Cold’s apartment. What!?!

The story ends showing Barry and Detective Burns in Mick’s head as Barry tries to save Mick from destroying himself, which would give The Sage Force complete control over him forever. The Speed Force and The Sage Force fight for control, which leads to an extreme increase in energy that puts everyone in Central City at risk!

Overall = 9

Final Impressions:

This is an entertaining story with many twists and turns. Emotionally, this was less convoluted with fewer references made to Barry’s longstanding regrets. In addition, the story continues to provide information about the minor, yet interesting, story arcs connected with Kristen’s investigation of Warden Wolfe and Iris’ pursuit of the significance of Commander Cold’s involvement in present-day Central City. I highly recommend this book to fans of The Flash and DC!

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