Go Go Power Rangers #13: The Open Door

Written by Ryan Parrott
Art by Eleonora Carlini
Colors by Raul Angulo
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Ryan Parrott takes a nose dive into classic Power Rangers nostalgia as he begins to place the building blocks of the old Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team as we all know and love.

This is the first issue setting place after the Shattered Grid event, and our heroes are still working hard to keep Angel Grove at peace. A fan favorite villain made an appearance, Pudgy Pig, which places us six weeks after “Arrival Day”. Ironically Pudgy Pig’s first appearance in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series being episode six. Along with first appearances, the Rad Bug, made a small appearance as the beat up classic VW Beetle. Billy’s father purchased it in hopes of the two of them fixing it together. As fans of the franchise, we know the Rad Bug is the temporary form of transportation for the Rangers when their communicators are unable to teleport them. It can also fly.

Before the action starts to heat up in the issue, we get small follow up on smaller events that took place during the Shattered Grid tie-ins. First, with Jason and his father. It was revealed that Jason’s dad was very sick, and hid it from Jason and the rest of the family. This was something I’ve always enjoyed about Parrott’s writing. He is giving us a side of the story we never received during its time on the small screen. Along with Jason’s family, we also got some highlights of Trini’s ongoing relationship with her mom, and same with Billy and his father. As much as these group of friends are heroes, they are in fact still teenagers, unaware of most of adult problems and still need family as they grow. It’s good to see Parrott keeping their families a bigger part of his story.

Matt Cook also makes a comeback, still giving Kim and the gang the silent treatment after what he learned from another version of Kimberly (see issue twelve, or go check out our review on the issue). This was purely just to show that he is still angry at them, but it seemed to be jammed in the middle of the book just to fill up panel space. It could have been postponed until an issue could be dedicated to Matt and the Rangers.

As the issue wraps up with a fight between the Rangers and Rita’s henchmen, Rita opens some sort of door into a different dimension and walks through. As that door closes, it becomes more of a black hole and takes Jason and Trini to the other side. With the underwhelming amount of Shattered Grid that was tied to the Go Go Power Rangers title, the twist ending of this issue was surprising and brings a new aspect and question that will hopefully be answered soon.


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