Giant Days #43

Created & Written by John Allison
Art by Max Sarin
Colors by Whitney Cogar
Letters by Jim Campbell

It is not even Halloween yet but Giant Days is already on the second issue of its Christmas arc. The Christmas Village is in town, and Daisy has roped Ed Gemmell into joining her as part of the crew. Daisy has joined mainly because she loves Christmas, but Ed needs the money to buy tickets to go see his new Australian girlfriend in the new year. Meanwhile Esther has entered a writing competition and has bet her fellow Art students that she can write the whole essay on her phone and still win the competition.

But if you’re upset at the lack of Halloween theme, rest assured that there are some horrifying visions of Santa dotted around this issue. As well as some sobering truths about the economic prospects for students. It’s a fun issue, which takes a short break from the main arc. It’s not misplaced in this student led comic for the main drama to be interrupted with frivolous attempts at making money. And this issue makes sure that it neatly drops us off back at the original story, wondering about Daisy’s new job as a Residential Advisor and Ed’s Australian girlfriend.

Sadly Susan and McGraw have been tabled for much of this issue. I will admit that I am keen to see more of them in Giant Days. I understand that after a lengthy will-they-won’t-they arc, it makes sense for them to be allowed to just have some peace and be happy in their new home. But Susan’s brief appearance as a ball of furious outrage is something I think every issue could do with a little more of. Hopefully as the next issue thunders ever closer to Christmas, we will see more of the domestic bliss of Susan and McGraw.


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