Blackbird #1

Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Jen Bartel
Colors by Nayoung Wilson, Jen Bartel
Lettering by Jodi Wynne

I don’t normally write about the covers of the comics I review, as I feel the cover is a lovely addition, but doesn’t tell you that much about the comic you will find inside. Not so with Blackbird. Both variant covers in stunning jewel tones, by Jen Bartel and Fiona Staples respectively, perfectly set the tone for the comic inside. There’s a mystery to the covers, as well as a bright poppy feel.

Blackbird follows Nina, who is convinced that there is magic and mystery in the world, but it is just out of her reach. This belief in a different magic dimension has driven her to the occult, as well as a drug dependency. Things are not looking bright for Nina, but it turns out she is not as deluded as everyone tells her she is. Magic does appear to be in the world, if only Nina could make someone else believe that.

It’s almost hard to talk about anything other than the art in this issue. Jen Bartel adds a sensual flair to all of her work, which is ideal for the L.A. heat in which Blackbird is set. And the colors are just beautiful, with hot pinks and turquoises, the mysterious world that Nina is looking for takes even the reader’s breath away.

As for the writing, Humphries knows how to set a scene, and manages to reveal just enough to make sure you don’t feel you’re in the dark, but make sure there is enough mystery to keep you hooked.

I recommend this series for anyone who enjoys Gillen and McKelvie’s The Wicked and the Divine. Both the writing and the art are reminiscent of the impossibly beautiful and cool supernatural beings from Wic+Div as they enter our ordinary world. I look forward to following Nina as she finds the magic she knows to exist.


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