Heroes in Crisis #1 Review

Heroes in Crisis #1

Written by Tom King
Art by Clay Mann

Heroes in Crisis has been on the top of my most anticipated books list for several months now as DC Comics has been slowly building up to this event, planting seeds along the way that leads us to Sanctuary, and now that we have finally arrived I find myself feeling a very complex and raw set of emotions about this book as a whole and the implications it could have, I’m left feeling heartbroken, searching for answers and wondering what this all means going forward.


So to catch you up abit Heroes in Crisis is a story about a place called Sanctuary, Which is a rehab center for superheroes who have seen too much or done too much, hero’s pushed past their breaking point, who are now seeking redemption and getting the help they need, or at least that was what it was originally built for by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but as we quickly learn one of the patients who was there violently murdered most of their fellow heroes, and now it’s time to figure out who did it and why this all happened.

The artwork provided by artist Clay Mann in this issue was top notch all the way through, I really enjoy his penciling skills and the way he draws each character shows me that his get’s the little things right that make each character special, When he draws Batman you see his dark brooding, super serious face, with Wonder Woman you see her strong willed determination and with Superman you see that godlike man who stands tall because he’s a leader, but who also feels the pain of seeing his fallen friends the hardest.

This book was filled with so much emotion and sadness, you knew going in to expect something tragic would happen, you knew that you’d be reading a book where we see a hero die, but even knowing that going in I wasn’t ready for the pages that followed, one page in particular that you will see for yourself and know, that page features one of my personal favorite characters laying bloodied up and confirmed to be dead, and while the artwork was great, the image was hard to look at.

It’s always hard saying goodbye, especially to those you love, so I hope that if those who died in Sanctuary are truly dead and not to be brought back, that they died for a reason, fighting like heroes, and not just done for shock value to sell issues,

And there is that part of me that hopes that through some kind of comic book magic throughout this event we are somehow able to reverse this from having had happened, and bring back One of my favorite characters, and without spoiling who just know this one is gonna hurt.

Writer Tom King has definitely never been afraid to create bold stories that have huge implications and he has never shied away from crafting a tale that will surely draw out controversie, and even know you just broke my heart Tom King, I will say that the dialogue and storytelling style was amazing and the pacing of the book felt right, as we jumped back and forth from perspectives, from Harley Quinn and Booster Gold battling it out as they both think each other is the killer, to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman discovering the dead that lay at Sanctuary, and then my favorite part where we see confession tapes of the heroes that entered Sanctuary seeking help, hope and redemption, it was all handled in a very respectable and well thought out way, which made this book a must read issue.

Overall as sad as I am after reading this book and seeing one of my favorite heroes dead, I find myself needing to know more, to continue this quest and find out the answers we all need to know, Why did this happened, and who was responsible. I find myself left with more questions than answers, giving me a reason to press forward, and isn’t that what ever book one in a new event series supposed to do? I think so and I’m excited to read book 2 when it releases.

I give Heroes in Crisis a 9 out of 10

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