Cyber Force #6 Review

Cyber Force #6

Written by Bryan Hill & Matt Hawkins
Art by Atilio Rojo
Letters by Troy Peteri

With so many questions unanswered, who can our team trust if their superiors are unwilling to tell them the truth in the first place? Are they truly the “good” guys or are they only made out to look that way? With more and more individuals going against them, it’s hard to argue that they are following a false narrative.

As scary as he may look, Ripclaw did what he could to help those at the camp full of captives and children soldiers. Unwilling to wait for the fight to come to him, Ripclaw took matters into his own hands and made his way to find the cartel and end everything once and for all. With an unexpected visit from Stryker, Carin, and Aphrodite our heroes temporarily stop Ripclaw for a little chat. Hill and Hawkins dove deep into the truth of Carin’s and Aphrodite’s concerns with what they do and why they fight on the side that they fight for. Ripclaw’s past work in his words are very much of those of Stryker’s and his team, and I’m sure Hill & Hawkins plan to work with this in a much larger capacity in the near future.

With Aphrodite receiving glimpses of her past life, it’s hard to see if she will break or keep going with Stryker and Carin. CyberData killed Aphrodite’s love interest in the past and with her slowly gaining those memories, Aphrodite’s future self will be the least of her worries. But with all this in the mix a new villainous duo has been revealed for Styker and his team to overcome. Warchild and his unknown assistant seem to be cooking up something and Ripclaw may be the only one in their cross-hairs.

Bryan Hill and Hawkins drew in a lot of attention with a cool character like Ripclaw, and kept the pace consistent throughout the entire book. They gave each character just enough face-time and relevant dialogue to keep me hanging on each word. And even more so, left me wanting more from the mysterious character at the end of the issue.


You can pick up your copy of Cyber Force #6 at your local comic shop today or on the Image Comics website.

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