Action Comics #1003: Invisible Mafia Part 3 Review

Action Comics #1003

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Yanick Paquette
Colors by Nathan Fairbairn
Letters by Josh Reed
Cover by Patrick Gleason & Brad Anderson
Variant Covers by Francis Manapul & David Mack

The weight of a massive fandom weighs on Brian Michael Bendis’ shoulders, writing the world of Superman is no easy task. To the blind eye Bendis may not be the man for the job, but look a little closer and the pieces to this massive puzzle may start to make sense.

As a Superman fan myself, I have been a little harsh against Bendis’ writing style towards the blue boy scout. Immediately coming from Marvel and choosing the biggest hero like he owns the place. Understandably, DC gave him the opportunity first with the Man of Steel mini series, and now with the Action Comics title as well as Superman.

For the past 2 issues of Action Comics we have been dealing with the Metropolis fires. The same fires that first took place in the Man of Steel mini series. One of the two major points Bendis is riding out as his plot points for each individual series. One small detail I took notice to was the title card page of each issue, the first being Jimmy Olsen’s desk. The second, Clark’s desk, this time with small post it notes. Simply overlooked as Easter Eggs Bendis put in order to show readers he is capable of knowing the DC Universe. All this leads us to this weeks issue, the title card is laid out at Perry White’s desk. Cluttered like any Editor’s might be; a sticky note reminding him to fire Jimmy for some odd reason, a deadline date circled which is ironically the date before this issue was set to release, and papers next to the keyboard with lines highlighted.

These papers, with a little help with a magnifying glass is in fact a script. Everything was still a little fuzzy to read clearly. It is titled Leviathan. The next line reads, A DC Comics mystery script (this is only speculation due to the fact that the text was in fact very fuzzy). Everything can not be made out on this suspected script, but mentions that Clark and Jimmy go undercover and discover an organization known as Leviathan. The script claims they are larger and more (unable to read pieces of this script due to a perfectly placed highlighter and computer mouse). Someone is behind Leviathan, a person. The one quote that without question can be made out near the end of this script is the words, “WHO WATCHES THE WATCH-” at this point the actual page in the comic cuts off the sentence.

This raises a lot of questions for what Bendis is playing at, or maybe my tin foil hat is a little too tight.

As I wrap my head around just the title card, the rest of the issue plays out very well. Seeing more of the Daily Planet in each issue really makes this story more about Clark, which is something I have always enjoyed about any Superman title. With the mystery behind Ms. Goode growing, unsure of what her motives really are. Her encounter with Batman was the first thing I did not like in this issue, Ms. Goode claims Kryptonite stops a weapon of mass destruction, this in reference to Superman. Batman agrees with this statement. With the relationship Batman has with Superman, I don’t believe Batman would have agreed to that, at least not to a random civilian.

The second part of this issue I did not like, merely because of the lack of follow up, was the ending with Lois. She is going at it with her computer. I can only assume it’s another book she’s writing, but where is Jon? How did the rest of the interaction with her and Clark go after last issue? Nothing was given to us, but here she is now confronted by Lex Luthor, and for what reason? Only time will tell.


You can pick up your copy of Action Comics #1003 at your local comic book shop or online at the DC Comics website.

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